4 useful google chrome extensions for college students

Google Chrome Extensions
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4 useful google chrome extensions for college students

It is difficult to imagine what homework was like before the advent of the internet. We have access to many websites, tools, and software that facilitate research, cross-referencing, essay writing, and more.

Google Chrome extensions are a terrific method to automate your schoolwork and aid your studies. You may produce automatic citations, run your writings through a proofreader, store pertinent infographics and memes for an upcoming project, and so much more!

Since google chrome extensions are simple to use and built directly into your browser, they are also effective at keeping you focused on your job and, in certain situations, utterly free from distraction.

So before you spend a whole afternoon “studying” with nothing to show for it, here are some best Chrome extensions for students you can install in less than a minute to maximize your learning. 

Also, if you are a student looking for an intelligent google chrome extension, here are the four best chrome extensions that will make you more productive. 

The majority of contemporary student work is completed through a computer browser. If you are enrolled in a college or university, you likely conduct most of your work and study in a browser.

Fortunately, if you use Google Chrome, you can use Chrome extensions to make your student life much more straightforward – and your grades, presumably, better.


Grammarly is an advanced tool for checking your writing for grammatical errors and fits hundreds of different types of mistakes. Grammarly is one of the best google chrome extensions for content writing. 

The free version of this application will assist you in avoiding grammatical errors throughout the majority of your work. The fact that this add-on is compatible with many websites makes it the most valuable component of the package. It differs from the vast majority of other grammar tools in that it allows you to choose between writing in British or American English. So if you want to polish up your content writing skills, you have to pursue a short-term digital marketing course in which you will ultimately learn about writing and learn about Grammarly extension. 

If you upgrade to the premium edition of this software, it will not only help you check for grammatical errors. Therefore it will also help you examine your writing for instances of plagiarism. In addition to this, it assists you in determining the tone of your essay and makes suggestions for improvements following this.

Language Tool:

Even though the spellchecker built into Chrome can assist you in correcting some of your misspellings, it is not designed to assist you in correcting any of your grammatical errors. Over 20 different languages are supported by LanguageTool, allowing you to convert any grammatical errors you may have made.


It functions on most websites, including social networking platforms and email inboxes. LanguageTool highlights text that needs editing and allows you to quickly rectify grammatical errors with only the click of a button. It underlines in the text any spelling problems as well as grammatical flaws.

Temp mail:

Are you a student looking for a temporary email with a mailbox? Then temp mail is the best option for you. This is the best chrome extension for students and everyone. Users who want to protect their private information without limiting access to online resources should utilize disposable email as their best option. The key is that a user is given a temporary email address; they are not required to complete a laborious sign-up process, provide personal information, or confirm their registration using their primary email address or phone number.

This is not an exhaustive list of situations using an anonymous email account is advantageous. By eliminating the need to enter information and remember passwords, using it saves time. You may take advantage of this chance in under a minute.

The use of anonymous email accounts, praised for being user-friendly, safe, and comfortable, has exploded in popularity worldwide. Internet users typically utilize temporary email services because they prioritize protecting their privacy and the non-disclosure of their personal information. 

Price tracker:

Everyone does their shopping online now. There are occasions when we make purchases using an internet store or market. Before making a purchase, we will occasionally check the prices of similar products using a price comparison website, such as Google Shopping or Price Grabber. These google best chrome extensions are geared toward providing the final consumer with the best possible deal. What do we have in mind when we talk about a pricing tracker? The applications of these websites are substantially different from those of competitor price trackers, even though the underlying technical components are essentially the same.

(Online) retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers can all benefit from using a price tracker, a technology system that monitors the pricing of their competitors and dealers. The act of monitoring prices is made simpler and less laborious, and it also provides information that may be used to advise decisions regarding pricing.  


These four chrome extensions for students will enhance your productivity skill and save you precious time. So what’s your opinion about this blog? Please let us know in the comment section if we need to remember any productive extension.

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