Basic Entrepreneur Course

Every business needs to be online, but most small businesses can’t afford to hire a marketing team. If you’re looking for a way to get your business seen, you should consider the Online Marketing Certification Course. This course teaches you how to use social media, SEO, and Google Adwords to market your business. Creating a website, several tools and an email list are also covered in the training. An experienced marketing specialist will guide you through the process of creating a marketing plan for your business in this course. This course is designed for students who want to build their career in the field of digital marketing. as well as entrepreneurs who are just starting out and grow their businesses.

What Will You Learn?

● Our 3-4 months industrail training boost your career in digital marketing.
● Get 100% placement in India’s top digital marketing agencies.
● This course is for Students, business owners, enterprenuers etc.
● Refer & earn programs for Students, Teachers as well.
● Get Acedemic, Google & Amazon certifications.

Introduction: Digital Marketing:

● What is digital marketing
● Traditional vs digital marketing
● Different digital marketing platforms
● Benefits of digital marketing
● Why digital marketing is best for your business
● Why choose a career in digital marketing
● How to start a career in digital marketing
● Digital marketer roles and responsibilities
● Digital Marketing  salary & future
● Get certified from Sridix Academy
● Grab Google and Hubspot Certificate

Learn Basics of WordPress Website:

● WordPress Themes
● Seo Plugins
● General WordPress
● Adding resourses
● Understanding of header & footers

Search Engine Optimization:

● What is seo
● How seo works
● Audit any website
● Keyword research & strategy
● On-page, Off-page techniques
● Learn console and analytics tools
● 10+ seo tools

Social Media Marketing & Advertising:

● Introduction of social media platforms
● Learn algorithms of social media platforms
● Create viral & trendy post
● facebook marketing
● Instagram marketing
● Success case studies with social media

Freelancing, Influencer Marketing:

● What is freelance digital marketing?
● What does a freelance marketing professional do?
● How to become a freelance digital marketer
● How much do digital marketing freelancers make?
● Where to find the best freelance digital marketing jobs?
● Introduction to influencer marketing
● How to define a brand?
● Growing & engage the audience
● Using Analytics to improve results

Search Engine Marketing:

● What is google ads
● Learn terminology of google ads
● Understanding Google networks
● Setup Google ads account
● Keyword research & types
● Creative Ad campaigns design
● Landing pages
● Understanding Ad rank
● Conversion Tracking with google analytics

Content Marketing:

● Basics of content marketing
● Content Types
● How to write quality content for service & business page
● Do relevant research for creating content
● Learn Copywriting & Content writing
● Understand AIDA model
● Create content calendar
● AI content creation tools
● Avoid mistakes in content writing or creation

Graphic Designing:

● Basics of designing
● Use different platforms for designing
● Learn canva, crello for social media post

Blogging & Affiliate Marketing:

● Introduction to affiliate networks
● Create own affiliate account
● How to build career in Blogging & Affiliate Marketing
● Affiliate merchant program & affiliate marketer program

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