Advanced Diploma Course

This course is for professionals who want to gain a competitive edge in their marketing career. It is also for people who want to break into the digital marketing industry and want to learn from the best. You will be taught by some of the top minds in the industry, including people who have worked in the industry. This course is designed for people who are looking to increase their skills in digital marketing. It is an in-depth look at the latest trends in digital marketing, as well as best practices. This course will cover the following topics: 1. Search Engine Optimization 2. Social Media Marketing 3. Pay-Per-Click Advertising 4. Analytics 5. Data Mining 6. Email Marketing 7. Mobile Marketing 8. Digital Video Marketing 9. Web Design 10. Conversion Rate Optimization 11. Paid Search Advertising 12. Optimizing Your Website for Search Engines 13. Facebook Advertising 14. Google AdWords with industrial training and various certifications

What Will You Learn?

● Our 7-8 months industrail training boost your career in digital marketing.
● Get 100% placement in India’s top digital marketing agencies.
● This course is for Students, business owners, enterprenuers etc.
● Refer & earn programs for Students, Teachers as well.
● Get Acedemic, Google & Amazon certifications.
● Paid Internship Training Included.

Introduction: Digital Marketing:

● What is digital marketing
● Concepts of marketing & sales
● understanding traffic & leads
● Traditional vs digital marketing
● Different digital marketing platforms
● Benefits of digital marketing
● Why choose a career in digital marketing
● who can join this course?
● Digital marketer roles and responsibilities
● Digital Marketing salary & future
● Get certified from Sridix Academy

Learn Basics of WordPress Website:

● How WordPress works and why it uses PHP as its primary language.
● You will learn in detail about Domain, Hosting, and Xampp for running WordPress
● Manual and Auto Installation of WordPress
● Creation and integration of databases with WordPress
● WordPress Basic Settings
● How to Choose a Perfect WordPress theme for your business
● How to build a personal/resume site with WordPress
● What are the WordPress plugins and how to use them
● How to build professional blogs with WordPress
● How to build a Corporate style business website with WordPre
● How to set up an eCommerce site (online store) and sell your products using   WordPress and WooCommerce
● What is Paypal and how to integrate WordPress with API to receive   payments
● What is Stripe and how to integrate WordPress with API to receive Credit   Card Payments
● How to register your custom post type in WordPress
● How to add custom fields in WordPress
● How to build a template in WordPress
● How to build archive templates in WordPress

Search Engine Optimization:

● What is seo?
● How does seo work?
● Website audit & technical seo
● Keyword research & strategy
● Competitor research (with or without tools)
● On-page, Off-page techniques
● Other Seo Platforms youtube seo, ASO, Instagram etc
● Cover several Google platforms
● How to choose the right business website themes?
● Introduction of Google my Business
● Update GMB for business?
● Create a website with GMB?
● Create ads in GMB
● Learn concepts of EAT & YMYL
● Avoid mistakes in seo
● Learn different tools & latest algorithm in SEO

Search Engine Marketing:

● What are google ads?
● Learn terminology of google ads
● Understanding Google networks
● Setup Google ads account & payment methods
● Looking Dashboard of google ads
● Learn different campaigns objectives & uses
● Keyword research & types
● Creative Ad campaigns design
● Different Bidding strategies
● Write unique ad copies
● Landing pages
● Understanding CTR, CPC, Lead generation
● Understanding of ad extensions
● Auction insights & campaigns performance
● mistakes to avoid in digital marketing
● Basic Conversion Tracking with google analytics & tag manager
● Difference Between Ad Sense or Google ads

Agency Skills:

● Email & virtual Communication
● Team management & Decision making
● Effective pitching & Negotiation skills

Graphic Designing & Video Marketing:

● Basics of designing
● Use different platforms for designing
● Learn canva, crello for social media post
● Introduction of video marketing
● Create videos, reels with video marketing too
● Understanding filmora, videoscribe, doodly

Social Media Marketing & Advertising:

● Introduction of social media platforms
● Learn algorithms of social media platforms
● Create viral & trendy post
● facebook marketing
● Instagram marketing
● Twitter, pinterest, quora marketing
● Tools for social media marketing
● Success case studies with social media
● Create Fb page for effective ads?
● How to set up pixel for facebook ads account
● Remarketing Concepts
● Online Reputation Management

EMail Marketing

● What is Email Marketing
● Why Email Marketing is Useful for today’s Business
● Introduction of Email Marketing Campaigns
● Email marketing Tools
● Scheduling Concepts
● Lead Generation

Content Marketing:

● Basics of content marketing
● Content Types
● Do relevant research for creating content
● Learn Copywriting & Content writing
● How to write blog post & SEO based content
● How to write quality content for service & business page
● Understand AIDA model & Create content calendar
● AI content creation tools
● Avoid mistakes in content writing or creation

Freelancing and Influence Marketing?

● What does a freelance marketing professional do?
● How to become a freelance digital marketer
● How much do digital marketing freelancers make?
● Where to find the best freelance digital marketing jobs?
● Introduction to influencer marketing
● How to define a brand?
● Growing & engage the audience
● Using Analytics to improve results
● How to create an brand online

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