Google Offers Free Digital Marketing Tools to Reduce Workload

Free Digital Marketing Tools
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Google Offers Free Digital Marketing Tools to Reduce Workload

Free Digital Marketing Tools

By utilizing these google tools, reduce 30% of digital marketing efforts. Of course, all of Google’s offerings are excellent; however, in this article, I’ll focus on sharing my knowledge of Google products that can be especially helpful to the SEO and content writing communities. You may make content and manage your backlinks with the help of these tools.

There are many digital marketing tools that can help you reduce your digital marketing efforts. However, today we will be focusing on free digital marketing tools that Google offers to help with your digital marketing efforts.

Google Free Digital Marketing Tools Used During SEO:

Google spreadsheets:

By the way, Google Sheets is an online tool that digital marketers use at the time SEO on any website, social media, and keyword research. Rather than that, here you can get some professional templates to structure your workload. Here are some examples of google sheets templates & enjoy the work. In this, you can keep the audit report of any website, which will help you to plan for a website design & content. You can create a link-building strategy, and in addition, you can notice and verify competitors in Google Sheets.

Google Docs:

Google Docs is one such tool from Google that can help you create a content strategy. Here you can shape the web page’s content and prepare the content’s title, description, heading, and conclusions. Autosave is the default in Google Docs, which keeps your data saved. You can share content with friends or colleagues with edit permissions or only view. You can finish your work quickly if you have much flexibility with any tool. After that, you can download that document & share it with team members.

Google console: 

Google Search Console is an excellent tool for digital marketers. In this, you can inspect the health of your website. It allows you to audit technical SEO, which is very important for any web page: also, you get the web URL inspection, total clicks, impressions, CTR, and average keyword position. Additionally, it allows for page removal and indexing. Furthermore, you may add site mapping and evaluate the page experience, which involves a study of the web core vitals. You can export data reports for analysis and improve the website’s health.

Google Analytics: 

Google Analytics is the same tool as Google Console, but you can better the health of your console website, and in analytics, you can check customer behavior to improve the quality of service & products. You can create custom events according to the customer’s behavior to get effective results. With its help, you can enhance your content quality and know the traffic resources, demographics, and interests. It also helps you track your conversion through Google analytics and segment your users effectively.

Google page speeds:

This is a page speed tool; along with being free, this page speed tool tells you the mistakes of the page. Along with this, it also provides you with a helpful solution for improving your page. 

Some plugins also suggest that for WordPress users, or if your website is made from some other technology, you can get help from the website developer. With the help of page speed, you can increase the user experience and reduce the web page’s bounce rate. And at the same time, you can also improve the quality score of your ads.

Google Adwords:

Google ADS is such a tool that you can advertise by spending money, But we will not talk about it now because it is a paid tool. So if you want to know more about it, you can visit this blog.

Almost all digital marketers will be aware of Google Keyword Planner in Google Ads. This is a tool through which you can do free keyword research, and at the same time, you can get to know the keywords, their volume, and their competition.

In such a situation, it becomes vital for the digital marketer to be familiar with this tool and make his work easy.

Google Tag Manager:

This is an advanced-level tool that more professionals and experts use. But nowadays, executives also use it to track their campaigns’ conversations. So let’s know what else is in it that makes it unique.

As you know, if we have a console, analytics, and many such tags on the website, which we do to track the website or anything else. In this way, there is a lot of load on the website, and the site’s speed can be reduced. And to avoid all this load, you can use Google Tags.

It has 3 main parts, Tags, Triggers, and Variables. The first tags we use to track something. Now what the trigger does must have been understood by the name itself, but let me tell you that it will fire only when the condition is set. The last variable, through this, you can collect more information.


Many Google tools are used for digital marketing. Some of the best include Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and Google Search Console. These free google tools can help you track your website traffic, measure advertising effectiveness, and optimize your website for better search engine rankings.

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