Permanent Recruitment

“Great Company’s start with Great people”

In today’s world labor market is very challenging and it’s just not matching the job description with the candidate’s profile. It is all about demand meeting the supply and the end result is achieved.  To achieve the end result we follow our unique profiling methodology.

We have helped organization and candidates find their right fit of employee and employer. We do a comprehensive profiling of candidates as per the job requirement of each individual client’s. The profiling would depend on technical skills, managerial skills, leadership skills, logical and analytical thinking, communication, decision making skill and so on.

Our Methodology: 

  • Assessment of client Needs
  • Understanding of Client Business and Culture
  • Determining sourcing Strategy ( It’s a combination of database search and headhunting)
  • Identification of qualified candidates
  • Preliminary evaluation
  • Benchmarking /short listing
  • Scheduling Interviews
  • Facilitate in compensation packages
  • Follow up with Candidates/Client.